I am dedicated to the mission of integrating art and science. It is a common perception that art and science are separate entities, but there is much to be gained when these fields inform one another. Upon viewing the world as a neuroscientist and as a dancer, I am driven to demonstrate how art can drive science by enhancing a scientist’s curiosity and intuitions, and how the scientific method offers a systematic framework to mature an artist’s talents.

After training as a scientist for over 14 years, and as a dancer for over 7 years, both of these pursuits became about learning to question, test, and undo preconceptions to become a better version of ourselves. Dancing helps me be creative and come up with interesting ways to think about how we move and interact with the world. As a scientist, I see these as hypotheses and systematically design experiments to improve my understanding of the world. I have come to believe that every human being is a dancer and a scientist. It is just a matter of systematically enhancing each of these two qualities that we all possess, and I strongly believe that this process should be hugely empowering, filled with self-discovery!

As the first step of shaping these ideas for the world, I am teaching a course titled The Art and Science of Walking and Movement, designed to teach students to systematically analyze, construct and produce efficient movements – material that can be applied to everyday necessities such as walking, posture and balance, as well as activities involving more sophisticated movements such as dancing, boxing, swimming, climbing, running, etc. Click here for course description and a sample lesson. I also teach private lessons to individuals and small groups. Get in touch with me to sign up for a private lesson.

I am also collaborating with artists to develop a course in engineering tools and the scientific method that is targeted towards artists. This will be made publicly available through YouTube and blog articles starting in 2020. If you are interested in participating and/or collaborating, please send me a message.

I am working on my scientific research program on a slightly longer time scale. I draw inspiration from the principles of organized movement taught in dance lessons to research how the brain and body communicate during purposeful movement by precisely measuring movement from dancers, building models, and running simulations. I am committed to open communication of scientific research and will make my discoveries free and available to everyone through blog posts, open-access publications, YouTube, and software on GitHub. Here is a seminar recording that summarizes my current work.

Dance-Inspired Investigation of Human Movement

I want to live in a world where art and science are no longer perceived as separate entities, but instead viewed as two forces that reinforce each other. I want to formalize these ideas and incorporate them into the education system. I want future generations to grow up in a world where they are taught that art and science are part of what every human shares with all other humans, and that the differences that separate us, such as borders, culture, skin color, etc., are trivial compared to what we share with each other.