Praneeth Namburi

I am a Research Scientist at MIT working on movement research and education. I have a Ph.D. in experimental neuroscience, and I am a competitive ballroom dancer. I am currently working at the intersection of biomechanics and dancing.

I draw inspiration from dance lessons to research how the brain and body communicate during purposeful movement by precisely measuring movement from dancers, building models, and running simulations. I am committed to open communication of scientific research and will make my discoveries free and available to everyone through blog posts, open-access publications, YouTube, and software on GitHub. I also create educational content aimed at systematically analyzing, constructing, and producing efficient movements – material that can be applied to everyday necessities such as walking, posture, and balance, as well as activities involving more sophisticated movements such as dancing, boxing, swimming, climbing, running, etc. Click here to view these courses.

Research talk: Dance-Inspired Investigation of Human Movement

I am also collaborating with artists to develop a course in engineering tools and the scientific method that is targeted towards artists. These are made publicly available through YouTube and blog articles (coming soon). If you are interested in participating and/or collaborating, please send me a message.